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Avis et commentaires

never go wrong with UR

UR charges no key money, agent fee, renewal fee and doesn’t require a guarantor. Additionally, they will rent out their apartments to anyone regardless of nationality. ​As you can see, UR apartments offer a substantial saving compared to a regular Japanese real estate company. There are a number of real estate companies that specialize in UR apartments, such as World Potential Corporation.
​— Marvin

Useful service with decent furniture

They provide contracts from a couple months to up to a year and you pay no key money or agency fee and only require contract fee, 1 month deposit and comes with everything to live relatively comfortable.
The key benefit with a furnished apartment is that it’s move-in ready, comes with cookware, tableware, washer, clothing racks, bedding, furniture, etc. and is pretty easy to acquire.
​— Ayan (USA)

Excellent Service and Apartment

I had a great stay at World Potential’s apartment.
They were really good at answering my emails and providing me with all needed information before my arrival to Japan. They also speak Spanish so it truly made me feel right at home. The apartment was organized and clean, well furnished and comfortable. I would definitely contact them for my next visit to Japan again! Gracias por todo!”
​— Lore

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